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"Steal the Reaper by Todd Hosea is an expansive sci-fi novel which tells the riveting story of Ava Tan’s daring mission to steal the most advanced starship on earth from North Korea. The author skillfully writes vivid scenes, introduces scores of compelling characters, all set in an authentic feeling near future. Readers who enjoy high-stakes, epic tales that span the globe and beyond should enjoy Todd Hosea’s ambitious novel."

- Review by Brad Huestis (March 2024)

     Military Writer's Society of America

"Steal the Reaper (The Reaper Series, Book 1) by Todd Hosea is an irresistible and suspense-filled sci-fi tale about a likely alien invasion, espionage, and high-stakes international missions.

Todd Hosea's creation of calamitous situations and a sense of urgency is all that's needed to make you forget about the real world and follow this dangerous mission."
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- Five-Star Review by Foluso Falaye (April 2023)

                                           Readers' Favorite

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