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When a mysterious spacecraft crashes in a remote, mountainous region of North Korea, it sets off a geopolitical firestorm. Advanced alien technology could shift the balance of global power, and it is only a matter of time before North Korea's Supreme Leader takes possession and uses this technology to bring the West to its knees. As global tensions rise, no one is aware the United States is harboring the spacecraft's lone survivor. Desperate to find his way home, the extra-terrestrial soon realizes the Americans have other plans for him. His only hope of regaining his freedom is a prototype vessel, known as the Reaper, which lays hidden in the wreckage of the downed spacecraft. But to get to it, he'll need the help of one brave pilot: Captain Ava Tan.


Steal the Reaper is a daring heist that calls for Ava to infiltrate North Korea—the Hermit Kingdom—avoid triggering World War III, and pilot an alien vessel that is light years beyond anything she has ever flown. It is a mission that will test Ava's courage and force her decide where her loyalties truly lie. Earth's fate hangs in the balance and the clock is ticking. 

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Star Wars Meets Tom Clancy! - "I gobbled this book up in three days, It was fast-paced, suspenseful, good character development. I only hope it's getting shopped in Hollywood, this would make a great film!"

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"Steal the Reaper is an exciting adventure from start to finish. Engaging characters are cast in a gripping story line that includes political intrigue and a 'save the world' scenario but with enough light-hearted moments to make this read really enjoyable. Definitely worth the time!"

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Todd Hosea (pronounced Ho-sea) is an Air Force veteran who served at NORAD and USAF Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs, and Air Combat Command at NAS Keflavik, Iceland. He is an avid fan of techno-thrillers and science fiction. Steal the Reaper is Todd's debut novel. He is currently writing the sequel, Hunt the Reaper, which is a direct continuation of the first installment. Look for the second adventure in The Reaper Series in 2022.