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In Steal the Reaper, Captain Ava Tan pulled off the boldest heist in history, but her success has created a whole new set of problems. Escorting Prince Kypa and Dr. Neil Garrett back to Aiwa has exposed the Reaper’s potential to the galaxy. Now, Ava and her crew must face enemies on multiple fronts. Led by the cutthroat marauder, Grawn Krunig, the hunt is on to seize Ava’s ship. Whoever commands the Reaper will not only control the most powerful warship ever conceived but stands to rule the galaxy’s crystal trade as well.

Meanwhile, the race to harvest newfound crystals on Earth is underway. Edmund Mathias, billionaire entrepreneur, is fast at work staking his claim on Challenger Deep’s vast deposits. However, he soon discovers a second passenger aboard Kypa’s ill-fated mission to Earth survived the crash in North Korea. Knowledge of this being’s existence could jeopardize Mathias’ plans to corner the crystal market on Earth. And with the expected return of more harvesters looming large, Mathias must accelerate his plans to seize this opportunity before the competition arrives. Failure is not an option, and no one will stand in Edmund’s path to global domination.